International Conference on Digital Economy

International Conference on Digital Economy is IIM Raipur’s flagship conference dedicated to the cause of advancing the interest of Digital Economy in the country. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Creating a Responsible and Responsive Digital Society’. As the Digital Economy is progressing, we are becoming increasingly aware of its dark effects on the society. Digital Media Addiction, Social-Media Echo-Chambers, Increased Spending, Twitter Wars are some of the effects that are surfacing as a result of increased digitalization of the society. Increased digitalization has though reduced the need for physical presence in many cases and reduced costs. People now meet online and save substantial travel time. Institutes and companies work online for the last two years during the pandemic and have given rise to increased Work from Home phenomena even for Government. In this conference, our quest is to answer the question of how do we become responsible and responsive towards the use of everything Digital. ICDE 2021 will feature two panel discussions on the theme and one workshops apart from paper presentations. We invite papers that specifically address the management related issues arising out of increased digital phenomena in the country. Following is the list of topics on which papers can be submitted. However, papers that are related to digital economy and are not covered by the tracks below, will also be considered.


  1. Digital Innovations
    • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for improved efficiency
    • E-Health
    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Transformation in public and private sectors
    • Electronic Finance
    • Balance of Trade and Big Data
    • Utilizing Big Data in Sustainable Development
    • Society in Digital Age
  2. Digital Phenomena
    • E-Learning and Cloud Education
    • Governance of Digital Platforms
    • Impact of E-Commerce and M-Commerce on Trading Society
    • Digital Addiction
    • Digital Payments
    • Fintech and Financial Inclusion
    • Online Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Governance
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